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Why This Website/Blog?

I took up journaling on a weekly basis back in July 2017 and have stayed pretty consistent with it ever since.  When I first started it was more of a reflection on the previous week and some thoughts on what I had coming up, but over time it has morphed into one of the ways I process what's going on both with me personally and in the world, and an avenue to think through and bring some structure to difficult topics.

My thought is that by converting some of these thoughts into a more public blog-style format, I'll improve my writing while hopefully providing some helpful perspective to someone reading from time-to-time.  A secondary benefit is a means to stay connected to the many people I've gotten to know over the years and to possibly establish some new relationships.

Most of all I hope some of what I put out there triggers some feedback and conversations, it's cliché but I aspire to be a lifelong learner, and this seemed like a good way to continue that journey.  Plus I'd never setup a website before and the domain was still open so I figured it was meant to be ;-)

Why This Website/Blog?: About
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