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I've been journaling for a while and figured this blog could be an extension of that.  My hope is that by making it public I can improve in my writing and ability to clearly articulate thoughts on some topics that are important to me, and perhaps others will find some value as well.  My goal is to stay connected to old friends and to make new ones, so please reach out and let's connect!

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Better With Age

Tomorrow is my 38th birthday…yikes I’m getting old! Hard to believe 40 is just a couple years away. I just read a post from Ryan...

3 Universal Business Priorities

I posted a Tweet on this that seemed to generate a lot of support and agreement so I figured I’d write a slightly longer article here...

Résumé vs. Eulogy

I was out for a walk this past week listening to a podcast where Dr. Peter Attia interviewed Hugh Jackman (Link). I guess it would be...

Say-Do Ratio

Do you have anyone in your life, whether personally or through work, that tells you they are going to do something but you know with near...

In Favor of Balance

On February 11, 2021, Brent Beshore made the following Tweet… Every once in a while you hear or read something that seems like it’s...

Probabilistic Thinking

Probabilities are inherent in many decisions we make every day, and the ability to recognize this and do some quick mental math can be a...

Thriving in a Crazy World

I’ve generally been writing these blog posts when I feel like I have a somewhat well-formed thought or perspective on something…this will...

The Red Queen Effect

My wife Ashley regularly makes reference to old Disney movies and then gives me a hard time when I’m not familiar with what she’s talking...